Who Are We?

I’m Clair, the Director of Orbit Words.

I set up Orbit when I gave myself the chance to think about what I really loved doing.

It’s always been reading and writing for me.

As my father (embarrassingly) announced during his speech at my wedding recently; at the age of seven I proclaimed that:

“Life just wouldn’t be life without books!”

I still stand by those wise words.

I have always been creative. I studied English and Drama at The University of Manchester and co-founded an arts company in 2004, facilitating creative workshops with vulnerable and excluded groups around the country.

I have worked in the arts and communities ever since and held firm to the belief that communication is key to everything.

Being clear, direct and aware of your audience gives you a lot of control.

I also saw what it meant to people when they couldn’t find the words, or when they felt that they just weren’t being heard.

Orbit Words is all about providing a bespoke, professional writing service; with an excellent team of freelancers and digital and design networks we can do more than that too.

Just get in touch to find out more or read some of my musings by following the blog links at the bottom of the page.

I am a regular guest blogger on 4 Manchester Women, you can read some of my articles here: