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I have now been married for 110 days*. That’s only 12 days less than Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock but 38 days more than Kim Kardashian and… the tall one. Not that it’s a competition, of course.

One thing I have discovered about being married is that people like to ask you “how married life is”. Ironically it is often the people who are married themselves who are asking, which I find kind of awkward.

Really, it’s a question I dread because what I know I should say is this:

“Oh, it’s fabulous, we are more in love than ever, it’s just like when we first met…”

But what I want to say is this:

“I feel like laughing every time I write my name”.

Which, as I have discovered, does not go down awfully well with the in-laws…

Having a husband really is lovely though, it is being a wife that I am struggling with. you could say it is just a name and a different box to tick on a form, but really I know it represents a totally new part of your life. The part of your life where your partner constantly opens your post thinking that it’s his. The part of your life where you seem to have suddenly adopted all of his nicknames. The part of your life where you’ve promised, and he’s promised, to stick like glue to each other no matter what happens.

That’s why, even though it makes me laugh, and I miss my silly old name that nobody could spell, I like the fact that a name is one more thing I can share with my husband.

And in the meantime I will come to terms with being a wife.

*days correct at time of writing…