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Starting a new business is a bit like running a marathon.
I think.
To be honest I don’t know for sure as I haven’t yet managed 26.2 miles, but I am hoping I will complete the famous course in London this April.

Training has been tough so far, I‘m not going to lie. Getting motivated to start when the finishing line seems so very, very far away; it’s cold, it’s dark and couldn’t we just have a nice glass of wine and talk about it instead…?
Then once you get out there you have to keep going.
If you get a stitch, if your feet hurt, if it starts pouring with rain, one trainer must pound in front of the other.
And it will.
Because all you can really think about is the last mile, the mile when you know it has all been worth it. You might be half the person you were: limping, crying, perhaps being carried by some super human 90 year old who puts you to shame, but what’s important is that you set yourself a goal and you achieved it.
It is the goal that keeps you going.

I have been far less physically challenged by setting up Orbit Words than my marathon training. I haven’t had to ice my fingers after too much typing and I haven’t sat at the computer crying my eyes out because IT HURTS (yet…) but I have had to keep believing in the goal. I have had to quiet the disbelieving voices in my head and be 100% sure about reaching the finishing line.

I want to provide the best words in the North West (is it too soon to say The World?)
I want to build a reputation as a reliable, flexible, creative and bespoke service provider.
I want to have the opportunity to make my words come to life.

When I suffered a knee injury earlier this month it did affect my training but mostly it affected my confidence. It is hard to believe in yourself when it’s your own body saying it can’t be done. But I have had to keep the same commitment to training as I have to Orbit Words. The moments when you don’t believe are nothing compared to the moments of excitement, energy and passion when you do.

And so I will keep on running and I will keep on writing. In April we will know if I can run 26.2 miles, measuring the success of Orbit Words will take a lot longer, but I know that I will keep on chasing that feeling of crossing the line.
Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on so far.